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Empowering your journey towards a peaceful relationship with food and self.

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Welcome to Harmonise Health!


 ​​​I offer an embodied, compassionate approach to cultivating a harmonious and joyous relationship with food, body and self.​ ​ 


Whether your digestive symptoms are dictating your life, or you are ready to step away from chronic dieting and feeling controlled by food, my invitation is to walk with you and support you through this healing process.

What's on Offer


Intuitive Eating

A mind-body approach to eating in alignment with internal bodily cues as opposed to external food rules.

Intuitive eating follows an evidence-based and holistic framework that places you at the centre as expert of your own body. It invites an opportunity to develop awareness and responses to internal signals including hunger and fullness, to build body appreciation and trust, to recognise and challenge diet culture, to develop and deepen self-love and compassion, to navigate our emotional landscape with kindness and to re-build a relationship with food that prioritises our overall health and well-being.

Working with intuitive eating is an opportunity to transform not just the way you relate to food, but the way you relate to life.

Are you ready to reclaim your power and move towards a life of liberation?


Gut Health (IBS)

Functional gut disorders like irritable bowel syndrome can be very disruptive and frustrating. Finding peace and comfort through symptom management is absolutely possible and does not need to be a torturous process.

I offer a multi-dimensional approach to functional gut problems that targets possible root causes and considers your whole being within the wider environment. We may work with some or all of the following: Nutrition (including meal patterns, fibre modification and intolerances), Mind (including mindfulness and thought patterns), Embodiment (including emotional regulation, breathwork and movement) and Rest.

This is an opportunity to improve your food choices, find long-lasting symptom relief and start living the life you dream of.

Are you ready to address root causes and discover a life of peace?


Mindfulness (MBSR)

Mindfulness invites us to ‘come home' to ourselves in the present moment. An embodied approach to this supports us in exploring the interconnection of body and mind through practices and learnings that are both cognitive as well as somatic (body-based).

Here we open the doors to developing awareness of mind, body and surroundings. We foster non-judgmental observation that supports us to respond rather than react. We may begin to rest and restore, cultivate love and compassion, recognise our emotions and bodily sensations and respond to them with kindness, while deepening our sense of connection to self and others.

Growth will be encouraged through experience, reflection and practice, aided by qualities of curiosity, kindness and compassion. 

Are you ready to embrace an embodied approach to self-discovery and a life of calm and balance?


I'm Rebecca Hastings, RD


I am a registered dietitian specialising in gut health and our relationship to food. I believe that you are the expert in your body, and your body holds a wealth of wisdom relating to healing. Together we can listen to your intuition whilst bringing awareness to how our emotions, such as fear and shame, as well as our nervous system, hormones and environment influence and guide (or misguide) the messages we receive.

As a registered dietitian (nutrition therapist) with expertise in gastro-intestinal health, an intuitive eating counsellor and mindfulness teacher with training and experience in trauma-sensitive care, cognitive and somatic (body-based) therapeutic approaches and body image healing, I am here to help you on your path towards living a life of harmony.


Trauma Sensitive





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