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Red Velvet

Embrace an embodied path to self-discovery, stepping away from stress and towards peace.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has gathered quite a name for itself in recent years and the scientific evidence base supporting its many health benefits continues to grow. But what exactly is it?

Mindfulness as a practice does involve meditating regularly and indeed it often does tend to support people in releasing stress and finding inner peace.

However, it can also be quite challenging and sometimes shines a light on that which we would rather keep in the dark. While it does tend to ultimately cultivate inner peace and balance, I have always believed the purpose of mindfulness to be more of a spiritual and embodied practice of getting to know ourselves, discovering our automatic, unconscious patterns and exploring alternative ways to be.

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Candle and Berries
Red Velvet

We will follow the mindfulness based stress reduction course protocol as created by Jon Kabat-Zinn based on an abundance of scientific evidence as well as experiential understanding.

The course I am offering further emphasises embodied and trauma-sensitive practice and places added attention to cultivating compassion, care, kindness and curiosity.

We will follow a programme covering the following topics:

Foundations of Mindful Awareness

Being with Thoughts

Befriending Others

Reaction vs Response

Being with Difficult Eperiences

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Mindfulness of Body

Befriending Self

Why Mindfulness?

I have been a mindfulness and embodiment practitioner for over 12 years now and what a journey it has been!

I have fallen in and out of love with my mindfulness practice many times over these years.

I have had the experience of daydreaming and being blissfully unaware of the disconnection I had to myself.

I have felt like I was ‘doing it wrong’ when I just couldn’t stay focused, even though I was aware that having awareness of this was part of the process.

I have found peace in solitude, as well as belonging and joy in community.

I have experienced increased focus, ability to retain information and follow conversations and stories more easily. I have touched on deep inner peace in this midst of absolute chaos and in the middle of grief.

I have discovered traumas and uncovered complete and utter dysregulation in my emotional body and through this I have discovered how, in fact, it is possible to hold some of the most difficult feelings that arise with compassion and kindness to myself.
*With additional support from community and therapy!

I have noticed subtle, seemingly unconscious patterns in my way to be and explored which of those are beneficial which can be transformed into more helpful behaviours.

And my journey continues, because the path of mindfulness and embodiment is a never ending one as far as I’m concerned. I cannot even begin to summarise the ways in which mindfulness and embodiment have enriched my life and like any good relationship I have weathered the challenges and found solutions to enable me to keep on going.

When I support people on their mindfulness journey, we will be looking not just at developing the practices, but also at how to make the most of them and sustain them in the long term.

My approach is:

Trauma Sensitive


Based on curiosity, compassion, kindness and care


Work With Me

Ready to get started?

Buddhist Singing Bowl

I offer a 12 week mindfulness (MBSR) course tweaked with extra emphasis on compassion and embodiment.

I am also happy to offer personalised session by session coaching for those who already have completed a course or who have a solid practice and would like some extra support.

Mindfulness (MBSR) Course

Weekly 2 hour sessions with me via video call

Get in touch via email to book a free 20 minute call to learn more about each other and check that the course feels right at this time.

Reflections, worksheets and resources each week with home practice suggestions

Support via email as needed between sessions.

Individual 8 Week Course

Following a one to one programme like this is a great way to receive personalised care and support during your journey and allows us to tailor the programme according to your needs.


Group 8 Week Course

These can be a great way to practice in community and for a much lower cost. Register your interest to join the waitlist for my next group course.

Join Waitlist

Session by Session

If you have already done a course, or you have an established practice that you would like support with then you may find it helpful to have some 1:1 sessions to explore together. These sessions will usually last 50 min-1 hour.

£80 per session

  • Please note that while I have set my prices very reasonably for the work being offered, and to cover my expenses, I am very aware that this price does not offer accessibility for everyone. If you find that you are unable to access my work due to the cost, please do get in touch and we can discuss possible options.

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