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Hi, I’m Rebecca Hastings, RD


I'm a registered dietitian, intuitive eating counsellor and mindfulness teacher on a mission to support people on their journey to healing their relationship to food, body and self. I specialise in relief from gastro-intestinal symptoms and improving gut health; to help people let
go of diet culture and the hold food has on them, to reclaim their power towards a life of peace
and joy.

I believe that we all have the capacity to experience more harmony in our lives and it is one of my greatest passions to support and witness others in this transformative journey. I have been on this path of personal healing as well as helping others for some time now and, from my own experience, I see it as so important to step away from prescriptive approaches to health and instead to understand both the needs and capacity of each person in the moment. From there we can gently touch on what's under the surface in a sustainable way that can lead to long-lasting change.

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Professional Background:

I completed my nutrition and dietetic degree at King’s College London and began working in the National Health Service in the UK where I specialised in gut health.  

As I’ve gone through my own healing journey with my relationship to food and my own IBS, I discovered just how important it is to do the deeper work of self-discovery; learning to listen to and understand the body and the mental stories that we tell ourselves.

Over the years I have completed extensive training in gut health, intuitive eating, mindfulness and self-compassion, body image healing, CBT-E, ACT, Trauma-sensitive care, somatic therapeutic and coaching modalities, weight inclusive care and working with motivation.

I also have extensive personal experience of a wide variety of healing modalities which influence my work. This include: body based psychotherapies, expressive arts practices (embodied voicework and improvised dance), embodied emotional/tension release, tantric and shamanic healing, and styles of communication and attachment.

When working with my clients, I endeavour to listen to and understand their personal approach to life and health, ensuring that we find a course of action that feels appropriate and aligned. While we all share common needs, our experiences and individual differences mean that what works for one person may work very differently for another. My aim is to always personalise the care I offer, empowering you to be the leader of your journey.

My approach is






I tailor my approaches to meet each person where they are at with the intention of supporting long-lasting transformations.

Typically, I will invite you to join me for a series of sessions. Our initial session often involves taking a deep dive into your current situation, getting to know each other and discussing our approach going forward. The following sessions will usually be weekly to allow for plenty of time and consistency to support you thoroughly throughout the process.

Learn more about how we could work together through the services below:

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Intuitive Eating

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Gut Health (IBS)

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Mindfulness (MBSR)

Core Values


Showing up consistently in a way that aligns with who I am and what I value.


Holding a non-judgemental and empathetic understanding of our suffering with a sense of interconnectedness, kindness and desire to help.


Welcoming divergent and liberated processes to explore a wide variety of different ideas, concepts and solutions.


Supporting myself and others to recognise, celebrate and take ownership of our potential and our power.


Taking action towards creating environments where any group or individual may feel welcomed, respected, supported, valued and included as their authentic selves.

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