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Liberate yourself from draining digestive symptoms and pursue a life of fulfilment.  

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Digestive symptoms disturbing your life?

Diagnoses of gut disorders such as IBS can be incredibly frustrating.

There’s often no clear cause and no clear treatment plan offered. You may hear that you just need to relax more, or you may be asked to follow a restrictive diet without the depth of support that ultimately helps you to increase the overall variety of your diet and support a thriving microbiome.

I feel you, I have been there – turning down social gatherings, feeling lost over what to actually eat, buying a whole new wardrobe to accommodate my constant bloat. Naturally I was drawn to specialising in gut health and through both my professional experience and personal journey, I discovered a range of pathways to help relieve symptoms and support living a healthier and happier life.

My desire with Harmonise Health is to get to the root causes of what’s causing your symptoms and address these so that you may find long lasting transformation.

Common underlying factors contributing to IBS may include:

Gut Microbiome

Gut Infection

Nervous System Dysregulation 
(including stress, anxiety, trauma)

Nutrition Status

Relationship to Food

Food Intolerances

My Approach

I take a multi-dimensional approach to IBS that considers your whole being, both as an individual and within your wider environment.

There are 4 main areas we are likely to draw on during our work together:

Nutrition: Meal patterns, eating behaviours, fibre modification, intolerances, fluid, nutrition optimisation, pre and probiotics.

Embodiment: Nervous system awareness, emotional and energetic regulation, breathwork, movement.

Mind: Mindfulness, meditation, visualisation, thought patterns and relationship to thoughts.

Rest: Sleep, relaxation, connection.





Work With Me

Cozy Read

Each session together will be tailored to your needs according to our initial assessment and discussion of your priorities and desired approach.

We will design a programme for addressing underlying contributing factors that we identify and check in regularly on both progress that you feel and also any barriers that come up along the way.

Ready to get started?

Here's what working together looks like:

Gut Health (IBS) Programme

1-1 Weekly sessions via video call

Get in touch via email to book a free 20 minute consultation to learn more about each other, get a feel for how it would be to work together and explore how I can help you.

Initial 75 minute deep dive consultation to get to know more about you and your symptoms, potential causes and triggers and to discuss our approach going forward.

45-50 minute follow up consultations following a programme pre-designed together according to your needs. This allows you the opportunity and support to address any barriers that come up and establish new practices.

30 minute closing call at the end of a package to reflect, discuss where you are at and any ongoing support you may need.

Reflections, plans and resources to support you on your journey after each session sent via email.

Support via email as needed between sessions.

I have absolutely no doubt that through working together during this length of time, you will experience a significant improvement in different aspects of your wellbeing including symptom relief.

However, you may find it most helpful to continue working together, in which case we will discuss options in our closing consultation.

12 Week Plan


Gut health symptoms often have multiple underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to find long-term relief.


Often this involves making various changes to our lifestyle and our food choices and to be completely honest, it can also involve a little bit of trial and error as there are not enough high quality tests to give us very clear guidance (despite what some might claim) at the moment. 

The 12 week plan gives us a nice opportunity to address key factors we identify and monitor progress.


Session by Session

For IBS, I strongly recommend the 12 week package. I have intentionally designed and priced this package with your probable needs in mind.

Having said that, I also understand that there is no one single box that everyone can fit into. Booking session by session, or creating alternative packages together is a possibility if it aligns well with your needs. I’m imagining this may work well for someone without a gut condition but who would like to optimise their gut health, for example.

Please get in touch to enquire further and book a short call to discuss.

£100 per session

  • Please note that while I have set my prices very reasonably for the work being offered, and to cover my expenses, I am very aware that this price does not offer accessibility for everyone. If you find that you are unable to access my work due to the cost, please do get in touch and we can discuss possible options.

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